Adventures in The Skin Trade

Adventures in the Skin Trade by Dylan Thomas was adapted for the stage by Lucy Gough with Theatr Iolo. 

Theatr Iolo was delighted to tour Wales and perform at the Sydney Opera House with this thrilling production created for the Dylan Thomas 100 Festival.

Samuel Bennet leaves his home in South Wales to pursue a career in London. Setting out with an attitude of reckless, nihilistic purpose, he encounters a nightmarish city. A room full of furniture, an assortment of bizarre characters and an embarrassing first sexual experience in a cold bath. 

Join Samuel as he meanders through this dreamlike world, all with a beer bottle stuck on his little finger.

Dylan Thomas’s gloriously surreal coming-of-age and unfinished novel has been given new life by acclaimed writer, Lucy Gough (Hollyoaks, Wuthering Heights, Creative Wales Award winner) in a special production that was created for the Thomas centenary and travelled to Australia with the support of Wales Arts International. 

This production was aimed at ages 14+ 

Creative Team:

Writer: Lucy Gough

Director: Kevin lewis

Designer: Neil Davies

Sound Designer: John Norton

Lighting Designer & Production Manager: Jane Lalljee

Movement Director: Jem Treays