About Theatr Iolo


We create theatre for young minds



Theatr Iolo is an award-winning theatre company, which has been at the forefront of theatre for children and young people for over thirty years. Babies, children, teenagers, parents, pupils and teachers have enjoyed performances, workshops and productions from the company performed in all kinds of spaces across Wales, the UK and internationally.

We create quality experiences that are stimulating, surprising and special for children of all ages and backgrounds, to help them make sense of the world around them and to find their place in it.

We create and produce the best work for children and young people on a national, UK wide and international level, working with the best artists and writers, to ignite creativity and imagination in both English and Welsh languages.

Theatr Iolo will be;

  • Recognised nationally and internationally as the leading Children’s Theatre Company in Wales

  • Authentic to our principles and goals, we will be a trustworthy company and be true to our core purpose.

  • Risk-takers as leaders pushing the boundaries of what might be possible for children’s theatre and be fearless and bold in our work.

  • Playful and create an environment where people are free to play happily and express themselves; we will nurture, be curious, open and honest.

  • Collaborative with organisations, individuals, artists and audiences in order to create the best experiences that we can make.

  • Resilient and continue to grow. With big ambitions, we won’t stand still and will continue to develop solid foundations to develop the company.

We hope to welcome you at one of our performances soon…

Theatr Iolo receives an annual revenue grant from the Arts Council of Wales to support our main body of work and National Lottery funding for additional projects.

We are a registered charity and we depend on the support of individuals, companies, trusts and foundations and public subsidy to continue to present the best of theatre to children, young people and adults.