Grimm Tales 

Playful, mischievous and deliciously scary fairy tales for all the family.

In the dead of night, the moon is hiding behind a cloud, and deep in the dark, dark forest two children are lost, scared and hungry…

How are we ever going to get out of this enormous forest?

A young girl, exhausted with work and deprived of a bed, lies down in the dirty ashes. Her stepsisters, with hearts as ugly as thorns, snigger at her.

Shake your leaves and branches, little tree,
Shower gold and silver down on me.

This production is aimed at ages 6+. There are some gory moments, but treated lightheartedly. If your child is comfortable with television programmes such as 'Doctor Who', they should be fine. 

Creative Team:

Adapted by Carol Ann Duffy

Dramatised by Tim Supple