I Wish I Was A Mountain

Created at the egg Incubator. Co-Produced by the egg and Travelling Light Theatre Company. Presented on tour in Wales by Theatr Iolo

On the day of the famous annual fair, the town of Faldum receives an unexpected visit. A wanderer offers to grant a wish to anyone who wants one. Before long, the city is transformed. Mansions stand where mud huts once squatted, and beggars ride around in horse drawn carriages. And one man wishes to be turned into a mountain.

Written and performed by former Glastonbury Poetry Slam Champion Toby Thompson, I Wish I Was a Mountain uses rhyme, live music, and just a smattering of metaphysical philosophy to boldly reimagine Hermann Hesse’s classic fairy-tale.

Do we really need the things that we need? What do mountains feel? How did time begin?

Adults are kindly requested to leave all answers to these questions at the door. Children, come as you are.

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Creative Team:

I Wish I Was a Mountain currently being booked by venues for a Welsh tour in Autumn 2019.

Email: michelle@theatriolo.com to find out more.

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Written and Performed by: Toby Thompson

Direction and Dramaturgy by: Lee Lyford

Designed by: Anisha Fields

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