Luna is an enchanting theatre experience about friendship, the moon and being brave in the dark for 2 to 5 year olds and their families to enjoy.

Presented by Theatre Hullabaloo and Theatr Iolo, the show was devised and directed by Sarah Argent from an original idea by Miranda Thain.

Luna is bored up in the sky by herself with nobody to play with. Although she is surrounded by stars, they never quite understand her - it’s certainly lonely being the only moon.

One night, as she’s racing among the stars, she spots a young boy hiding from shadows which move like monsters on his bedroom walls. Luna decides to slide down from the sky to make friends with the boy. Together they go on an adventure of LIGHT and DARK to help him overcome his fear of the night-time.

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Creative Team:

Devised and Directed by Sarah Argent from an original story by Miranda Thain

Designed by Bek Palmer

Composed by Greg Hall

Movement by Jem Treays

Lighting Design by Jane Lalljee

A magical 45 minutes that was stuffed full of unexpected delight…this was a show that shone as brightly as the stars in the night sky
— David Owens, South Wales Echo