Out of the Blue

A spellbinding intimate performance for babies and toddlers aged 6 - 18 months (and their grown-ups) 

Out of the blue is the perfect introduction to live theatre - full of captivating images and intriguing sounds- followed by an opportunity for babies and toddlers to play too!

He's waiting. Waiting for something to arrive.

Ding, dong, doorbell. "Package for you."

A parcel. Unwrap it..."What's inside?"

And there's paper to play with - scrunch, crunch, tear, rip, rustle. Hiding... "Peekaboo!"

And then, one day, out of the blue, a wonderful surprise - the most special delivery of all...

Watch the trailer:

A Sarah Argent and Theatr Iolo production

Creative Team:

Created and Directed by Sarah Argent 

Performed by Kevin Lewis


It is a wonder, and what better way to introduce children to culture at such a young age.
— Florence Jillett