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Cast members Gethin Alderman (Prince), Jenny Livsey (Queen) and Ceri Elen (Princess) interacted with the children before the show started, a nice touch in settling in the smaller members of the audience, for whom this production may well have been their first taste of live theatre.

The space was designed appropriately with glittering chandeliers and drapes giving the appearance of the inside of a fairytale castle, fitting given this was a story set In a magical kingdom far, far away where lived a Prince whose one true wish was to marry a Princess.

And there was no shortage of magic conjured up as the Prince stepped up his search for a Princess, thanks to a pea hidden under a mattress revealing their true regal heritage.

A recurring musical interpretation of raindrops being caught in saucepans and bowls was particularly mesmerising, while you may not look at mashed potato the same way after this show.

The cast took on their roles perfectly; Gethin was an innocent and boundlessly energetic presence as the Prince, Jenny was calm authority personified in the role of the Queen letting go of the apron strings, while Ceri’s versatility shone through adopting the multiple personalities of a myriad princesses.

Sherman Cymru have a rich history of producing special Christmas shows and The Princess and the Pea is another to add to that growing list.

David Owens

Wales Online