A Sherman Theatre and Theatr Iolo production

The Emperor's New Clothes

A reimagining of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. 

Have you ever lost something? A toy? A tooth? A memory?

What if, one day, you lost all of your 'silly'?

When the Emperor demands the coolest clothes to help him be, well, 'cool'... The call is answered by a pair of wily Weavers, who concoct a cunning plan and land everyone in an embarrassing situation.

Who will help the Emperor rediscover his joy and silliness?

With songs and live music there's something here for the whole family this Christmas.

Perfect for those aged 3 - 6 and their families.

What a magical show, the joy of play!. Joe and Seth were thrilled by the action and smiled and laughed throughout. Thanks you so much
— Sarah, Mum of Joe and Seth

Creative Team:

By Hans Christian Andersen

Adapted by Alun Saunders

Directed by Kevin Lewis